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Intelligent Alarm Systems

Some of the clever things you probably never knew a burglar alarm could do

Everyone knows what a burglar alarm does: it sounds an alarm when triggered by an intruder and sometimes it’s connected to a police response or a monitoring service. But is that all it does? Burglar alarms are actually very clever bits of kit that can perform a huge range of tasks that you probably never knew about. Here are just a few of the really useful and interesting things that some alarm systems can do:

Wireless Fob Entry

Find it hard to remember the alarm code? With wireless fob entry you simply present your fob to the alarm without any need to input the code. Of course you still have the option of setting a code as an alternative way of setting and disarming the alarm if required.

Connect to External Lights

Many alarms can be connected to external lighting so that when your alarm goes off the lights automatically come on drawing even greater attention to your property.

Connect to Smoke Alarm

Just as with the external lighting, alarms can be connected to your smoke alarm so that when your smoke alarm is triggered so is your burglar alarm. Not only can this alert people outside the property to a fire, it can alert the speech dialler (see below) to let you know that the smoke alarm has been set off if you are away from home. Equally this can be connected to your carbon monoxide alarm or even a flood alarm.

Connect to your Phone

You can connect your alarm to your phone using a speech dialler in the system. This gives you lots of different options as follows:

  • Ring into the alarm to set it – useful if you’ve forgotten to do so
  • Receive a call or a text message to let you know that your alarm has been triggered
  • Ring into the alarm system so you can listen in or even issue an audible warning in the house should the alarm be triggered
  • Leave a message on the system that will be picked up by another member of the household, or even yourself as a reminder. This will be played when the alarm is unset on getting home

All of these items obviously depend on the capabilities of the specific alarm system in use but they’re all things that we can offer. For further information on the range of capabilities of our alarm systems then get in touch via our contact form  or call 01924 371941.