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Home security tips from the SAS

Former SAS sergeant, Chris Ryan, is something of a security and safety expert having fronted TV shows such as Terror Alert: Could you Survive? and How Not to Die and written a number of books on the subject. His latest book is entitled Safe: How to Stay Safe in a Dangerous World. It covers a range of potential dangers including terrorism and cyber attacks and it also has some good advice on home security.

The following, according to Ryan, are good things to implement on 5 key areas of home security:


  • Have a solid door with no panels or glazing
  • Fit with a second mortice deadlock and extra deadbolts opposite the hinges of the door
  • Make sure it looks well cared for.


  • Fit window locks to prevent them opening fully on ground floor windows
  • Use toughened glass to make it harder to break

Burglar Alarms

  • Don’t bother with fake alarm fascias or stickers announcing security measures that don’t exist
  • Get a good quality burglar alarm with a brand name that burglars will recognise and avoid


  • Install motion sensor security lighting
  • Make sure the approaches to your house are also well lit when viewed from the street
  • Use several interior lights on timers, set to come on at different times


  • Don’t offer a burglar cover; keep trees and bushes trimmed back
  • Consider defensive plants such as prickly hedges or rambling roses near potential entry points

We would agree with all of these points and if an SAS sergeant doesn’t know about security then who does?! For more details about safety and security you could buy his book, or you could give us a call and we’d be happy to give you the benefit of our experience. Call 0800 612 9799.