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Home Security at Christmas

Simple tips to prevent a break in at Christmas

It may be the season of good will but sadly some see Christmas as a huge opportunity for thefts and break ins and many of us make it all too easy for them. It’s down to a combination of things including lots of new, expensive toys and gadgets in the house, lots of time away from the home visiting family and socialising and generally being more relaxed and complacent about security.

A break in over Christmas is no-one’s idea of fun and it doesn’t actually take much to minimise your risk and deter any would-be thieves from helping themselves to the gifts that you have worked hard to buy this Christmas. We would urge you therefore to just be aware of basic security. Thieves will target the homes they see as easy pickings so a few simple things could make all the difference.

1. Don’t leave valuable items in open view

It seems obvious but if your gadgets can be seen through windows, you immediately make your home a target.

2. Use your alarm

It’s surprising how many people have a working burglar alarm but don’t actually use it. Don’t just set it when you leave the house either; break ins can happen when you’re in bed so it’s a good idea to set it for the windows and doors at night. Triggering an alarm will make most burglars abort their break in before they even enter the property plus if you have included an alarm on your insurance policy and then fail to set it you could find yourself not covered when you try to claim. If your alarm is not working we would advise you to get it serviced, it might be something as simple as needing a new battery.

3. Turn off the tree lights

As pretty as your tree looks all lit up in the window, leaving your tree lights on and your curtains open while you’re out only serves to illuminate all the presents underneath.

4. Choose better hiding places!

Children are not the only ones who will rummage for presents. Burglars will often look in obvious places like under beds and in wardrobes. Lofts and cellars are generally more difficult to get to or even consider a safe for smaller valuables

5. Look in when you’re out

Often we’re out and about a lot over the festive season so try and make your home look occupied. Leave a few lights on, draw the curtains or even leave a TV or radio on. Make sure all doors and windows are locked when you go out (seems obvious but a fifth of burglaries require no force because doors and windows have been left unsecured) and make sure you set your alarm if you have one.

6. Loose lips…

Be careful about discussing what you or the kids are getting for Christmas in public as you never know who else is listening – your Christmas list might be very attractive to somebody else!

West Yorkshire Police has more advice on how to prevent a break in on its website. The last thing anyone needs at this time of year is a burglary so pay attention to these simple tips and you can massively reduce the risk.

If you would like to install or upgrade any of your security measures such as your burglar alarm or CCTV system then get in touch. Our office is closed from lunchtime on the 24th December until 2nd January however our 24 hour emergency call out continues as usual.