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Home CCTV Systems: The Lowdown

Who is it for? Why get it? What do you need to know?

CCTV has historically been most used by commercial businesses and high end domestic properties but that is gradually changing. These systems are now becoming increasingly popular for homeowners for a range of reasons. This can include the following:

  • High value properties or contents
    Homes that are clearly high value can attract the attention of would-be intruders because of their perception of high value contents to be had inside. Sometimes the property itself may not be especially high value but the contents could be such as vehicles, jewellery, collections, bikes, technology etc that warrant additional security
  • Homes in a high risk area
    Certain areas can be more prone to break ins than others. These could equally be ‘problem areas’ or desirable ones where burglars envisage great rewards and may even target several homes in one hit.
  • Homes previously targeted
    For those homes that have been broken into previously, especially those targeted on more than one occasion, it can be necessary to step up security beyond that of an intruder alarm.
  • Those at risk of anti-social behaviour
    Anti-social behaviour can take a number of forms; vandals, those under the influence of alcohol/drugs or even problem neighbours

Why get CCTV? What are the benefits?

CCTV brings with it a number of potential benefits. These include:

  • Deterrent
    Just the existence of an installed CCTV system can be enough to deter a would-be intruder, particularly if they can see it has been installed correctly with cameras covering a range of angles and few, if any, potential weaknesses in the system. Many are not put off by alarm systems alone if they know they will be in and out quickly but the risk of being caught on camera will usually make them think twice.
  • Justice
    Break ins to our property can stir up a range of emotions including distress, fear and anger. For many, it’s the thought of people ‘getting away with it’ that causes the most resentment. Capturing intruders or those perpetrating anti-social behaviour on film offers a much better chance of them being caught, particularly if they are already known to the police. There’s also a better chance of conviction should they be charged as footage from an appropriate system can be admissible in court
  • Cheaper Insurance
    Many insurance companies will offer discounts on their premiums for those properties with a properly installed and maintained CCTV system. This can particularly be the case for those in high risk areas, with a high level of content cover or those who have claimed previously
  • Peace of Mind
    It can be a great comfort just knowing that you have that extra level of security on your property. On a practical level you can keep an eye on your home at any time and from anywhere via a smartphone or computer (depending on the system and how it’s been set up) which can be very useful when you’re out at work or away on holiday
  • Affordability
    CCTV systems have been prohibitively expensive for homeowners in the past but that is changing. The price is now becoming much more affordable, starting at around £1000 for a quality system. This cost can be offset by savings in insurance premiums and counter balanced by the potential cost of a break in and any subsequent increases in insurance costs following a claim.

Home CCTV: Things you need to know

Before you consider having a CCTV system installed there are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • It’s illegal to install a CCTV system onto someone else’s property so you must be the homeowner. If you want to install a system onto a rented property you must have written permission from the owner
  • You must restrict the views of the cameras to your own property as your neighbours have a right to privacy
  • It’s always a good idea to consult your local council as some systems may require planning permission. A good security firm would be able to advise you on this
  • If you are stating to your insurer that you have a CCTV system then it will need to be properly installed, used and maintained. If not it could invalidate your insurance
  • It’s always better to use a specialist security company to supply and install a CCTV system than to save a little bit of money by getting a general electrician to install it. This can be a false economy, here’s why.
  • It’s a good idea to display signage on your property informing people that there is a CCTV system in operation. Not only does this reinforce the deterrent, it also informs legitimate visitors that they are being filmed



If you think CCTV might be a good idea for your home security then we can offer advice and guidance to help you make your decision. You can speak to us on 01924 371941, call into our security shop in Wakefield or make an appointment for a home survey.