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Are you getting a good deal?

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Just lately we seem to have gained quite a number of new customers with a common denominator – they are dissatisfied with the service they are getting from their existing security company. It would appear that some of our competitors are getting sloppy, greedy or just plain desperate and their tactics for squeezing more out of their customers is actually only serving to alienate them and, ultimately, lose them.

The reason they come to us is because they perceive that we can offer something better. And we do. The problems that they are experiencing range from the annoying such as disproportionate price increases (one company has doubled the price of its annual service recently) to the unprofessional and potentially dangerous including an incident where alerts from a monitored system were not responded to and considerable damage incurred to a business as a result.

One company has changed its contract; requiring customers to sign up for a fixed period of 3 years for servicing; and another now charges for telephone assistance.

We don’t believe that this is the right way to treat customers. Strategies to generate more income such as some of these will only ever do so in the short term because there are companies like us who can offer a more attractive alternative. Those that fail to deliver on the service they’re offering will of course always lose business but at what cost to those who suffer their failings in the meantime?

Offering a better deal

At Calder Security we take the approach that if we offer a really good service at a fair price then we don’t need to tie people into long contracts to retain them and we don’t need to overcharge them in order to make a profit.

We therefore offer a service each year but customers are not obliged to take them, we keep our rates competitive and we don’t charge for helping customers resolve minor alarm faults over the phone. Delivering a high standard of service is of course is a given.

We don’t really lose customers. Once they start working with us they tend to stay because we do offer a good service and we treat customers with respect. If you feel that your alarm servicing has become too expensive, that you’re not getting a good service or that you’re being pressured into contracts you don’t want to take then it could be time to consider another provider. Call us on 01924 371941 or get in touch via our contact form.