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Gun Cabinets & Storage

Gun ownership is a serious matter in the UK and it is safe to say that access to firearms by the general public in the country is subject to some of the most stringent controls in the world.

While it is extremely important to own firearms in a responsible capacity, it is just as vital to store them securely. Failure to store the guns securely could result in a prison sentence, which is one of the biggest incentives to get a police-approved gun safe.

Although gun cabinets are not mandated by law, in order to grant you a gun licence, the police will inspect your property to examine your gun storage provision and make sure the firearms will be stored securely to prevent unauthorised people from taking or using them.

Chances are that without a properly installed gun cabinet or safe, you may not even be granted a gun licence at all. Therefore, if you want a gun licence, you must invest in its proper and secure storage.

Calder Security is a reputable company that is serious about safety and security and will work with you and the gun licensing authority to ensure your guns are stored as safely as possible in order to minimise the risks of accidents and theft.

Read on to find out more about gun cabinets and storage, their different types, how to choose the best ones for your needs, and why they are so important for gun owners:


Gun cabinets, also called gun safes, are a special type of safe built to keep firearms and ammunition securely stored and out of reach of unauthorised individuals.

Depending on your needs, you may opt for one that stores a single firearm or one that stores several firearms and ammunition boxes.

Gun cabinets and safes are specifically designed to store guns of all sizes, making it impractical to use them for storing other items. They are an important part of gun storage and allow firearm owners to keep their guns safely locked away.


With so many different types of gun safes and cabinets available in the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs.

Once you know the options available to you and what best fits your requirements, it becomes easier to consider factors such as the price, size, and features of the gun cabinet.

The type of gun safe you need depends on several variables such as:

  • The number of guns you own
  • The type of guns you own
  • The area you live in and how safe it is
  • The number of people who have access to your property

If you own just a couple of pistols, a small safe would be ideal for you that is easy to conceal, fits perfectly inside drawers, shelves, or under the bed, and can be moved without much effort. However, if you own rifles or shotguns, you should go for a large gun safe that can hold long guns.

The size of a safe is usually determined by the number of guns it can hold, with some slim enough to fit inside a closet and others wide enough to need a designated space.

Apart from the number and type of firearms you own, your decision for choosing the best gun safe will depend on a series of risk factors such as the safety and security of your property.

For instance, a person living in a safer area who only owns a simple hunting rifle will opt for a different gun cabinet than a person living in a high crime rate area with kids on the premises and who owns several high-calibre shotguns.

Therefore, when choosing the right gun cabinet and safe for your gun storage needs, keep in mind your unique situation and the risk factors. The higher the risk, the more you’ll need to invest in a high-security gun cabinet in order to secure your guns and gun licence.


Gun safes and cabinets come with a wide range of locking mechanisms to secure their contents. The type you choose depends on the level of security you require, how fast you require access to your gun(s), and how much you are willing to spend.

Some common gun cabinet locking mechanisms include key locks, combination locks, electronic locks, biometric locks, and dual locks:

Key locks

The conventional lock and key is a not-so-common locking option for accessing a gun safe, although there are a few models that come with this mechanism.

A traditional method that has been used for centuries, although fairly reliable, key locks may put the safe at risk if the keys are lost or stolen.

Combination locks

Usually seen on traditional gun safes, combination locks are a tried and tested and highly secure method for keeping your gun cabinet and its contents safe from unauthorised access.

Also known as mechanical locks, they have a numbered dial to spin and input the right sequence, where only individuals with the right code can access the safe’s contents. What’s great about them is that they eliminate the need for physical keys that can get lost.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks usually feature a keypad or an electronic touchscreen for quick and easy access. Not only are they a common choice but also a good and safe one, especially for properties with more than one individual needing access to the firearms.

Similar to how an ATM would work, electronic locks require the user to enter a PIN or password to gain access. As is obvious, only individuals with the right code are allowed access.

Biometric locks

One of the most technologically advanced safe locking mechanisms, biometric locks use unique identifiers such as fingerprints to unlock the safe and access it’s contents.

They are commonly seen in safes that need to be accessed quickly since all the user has to do is press their finger on the lock’s sensor to open it. They are also highly reliable and offer the maximum level of security that cannot be compromised by unwanted individuals.

Dual locks

A combination of two locks, usually keypads and biometrics, dual locks are a good option for users looking for a high level of security since they require two forms of authentication to open the safe.

This way, even if one method is compromised, for instance, if the secret code has been shared with an unauthorised individual, they won’t be able to open the safe since it would require a second form of authentication as well.


When choosing the best gun cabinet to store your firearms, there are a few things you must think about such as the:

Brand and manufacturer

When it comes to safety and security, always go for the best brand and manufacturer that promises durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Securikey is one of the leading suppliers of security products, such as gun safes and cabinets, and a trusted partner to many security companies in the UK including Calder Security.

Locking mechanism

The type of locking mechanism on a gun cabinet is one of the most important factors to consider since it will determine the level of security and ease of access to its contents.

You must make sure that, in addition to the quality of the safe and its construction, you are also getting the right lock for your needs. You may choose between a wide range of locks that include electronic locks, combination locks, biometric locks, and dual locks.

You must keep in mind though, that different locks come at different price points, with more secure and hi-tech locks, such as biometric locks, costing more than simple key and combination locks.

Size and capacity

One of the first things you need to consider when buying a gun cabinet or safe is its size and capacity since it will determine the number of firearms you can store in it, along with the type of guns it can accommodate.

Depending on the number of guns you have, you will have to choose either a small gun safe that can fit around 3 guns or a bigger one that can fit up to 8 tall ones.

That being said, it is always a good idea to invest in a gun safe that is slightly bigger than what you need so that you can future proof yourself. If you have one gun, it is best to get a gun safe with a capacity of 3 to 4, and if you have 3 to 4 guns, get one with a 5-gun capacity.

Fire and water resistance

Before buying a gun safe, or any safe for that matter, you should definitely consider your need for it to be fire and water-resistant.

Fire-resistant safes are special safes that are constructed with an insulated-walled body, and while all gun safes provide a certain extent of protection against fire and water, not all of them are created equal.

A fire rating refers to the level of protection that the safe offers against fire damage, with the higher the rating, the greater the level of protection, which is typically judged by the degrees of heat and the number of hours of fire the safe can withstand.

For people living in areas that are prone to flooding or hurricanes, water-resistance should be on the list of features to look for since water can easily damage the safe along with the firearms inside it.

When looking for a water-resistant gun safe, you will have to see how long it can last in the water and how much water it can withstand.


Gun safe and cabinet prices may vary depending on the type of safe and the level of features that they offer.

A big gun safe with features such as an advanced locking mechanism and fire and water resistance will be pricier than a small one with a basic lock and features.

Regardless of the price, you must look at it as an investment and buy a gun safe that fulfils your safety and security needs and helps you stay compliant with the law.

Police approval and certification

The British Standard for gun safes and cabinets is BS7558, and although there is no legal obligation to have a gun safe that meets these standards, it may be taken into account by the police when issuing you a gun licence.

To reach the BS7558 standard, a gun safe must undergo a testing process to determine how long and well it can withstand a 5-minute attack using common burglary tools.

Additional features

Sturdiness and reliability are two of the most important security features you must look for to ensure the safe is difficult for a burglar to open and your firearms remain safe inside.

Small things, such as checking whether the hinges are on the inside of the safe and the door has an anti-crowbar design, can be super important in terms of security.

Wall and floor fittings are two other things you need to keep an eye out for since they make it difficult for someone to move the safes. Most safes come with pre-drilled holes at that back or the bottom (or both) and bolts to secure them to the wall or floor.

In addition to that, always check whether the safe comes with a separate and secure ammunition box since it is extremely important to safely store the ammunition along with the firearms.


Securing your firearms not only helps you maintain your rights to own them but also keeps them away from unauthorised access and possession, such as from children, visitors, burglars, and intruders.

Also, since your inability to securely store your firearms could result in your gun licence being revoked and you landing in prison, you must invest in a police-approved gun safe.

Having a gun safe or cabinet offers a variety of benefits that include:

Abiding by the Law

If you own one or more firearms, it becomes your responsibility to store them safely and keep them away from children and other unauthorised individuals.

Your inability to securely store your guns may land you in trouble and even result in your licence being revoked. Therefore, the best way to make sure that your guns stay safe and away from the wrong hands is to invest in a secure gun safe.

Safety and security

Having a gun lying around your property can be unsafe in several ways since a child or unauthorised individual might get their hands on it or it may get stolen.

In such cases, if an accident occurs or if your gun is used for a crime, you may face some serious charges and get dragged into the investigation.

To avoid getting in such messes, it is best to keep your guns safely locked away so that they are difficult to access and steal.

Protection against gun damage

Most gun safes are designed in a way to keep your firearms safe from damage and rust. Not only can you use them to safely store your guns but also prevent any unnecessary damage to them by insulating the safes and using holster pockets.

In addition to that, if the safe is airtight, you may add a humidity rod to prevent excess moisture in the air that increases the chances of rust build-up on your firearms.

Better access to your guns

With a gun safe or cabinet, if you use it properly and keep your firearms locked away in it, you will always know where your guns are at all times.

You won’t leave them in random places and won’t forget where you kept them (which is a crime that you may face serious charges for). You’ll be 100% sure where your firearms are stored and won’t have to waste time looking for them in cases of emergencies.


We are members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) and are familiar with a wide range of safes, cash boxes, and strong boxes.

Our SSAIB contractors are experts in the field who can help you assess your security needs and recommend a suitable police-approved gun safe perfect for your requirements.

We offer professional safe installation services to not only prevent theft and fire damage but also ensure that the safe is secured in place properly, cannot be removed, and is not in danger of falling or damaging anything.

We also offer safe opening services since misplacing the keys, forgetting the code, or failure of the safe itself can all lead to the contents of the safe being inaccessible.

By design, of course, safes are very difficult to access in these circumstances and you need a professional safe engineer to do it for you. Our Calder specialists can open most safes and can restore them to full working order afterwards.

When you need to relocate or remove your safe entirely, you can count on us to carry out the job with ease. In addition to that, our professional safe repair and maintenance services ensure that your safes are always in optimal health providing you with the best security.

Contact us here or call us on 0800 612 9799 to talk to our security professionals right away for the best gun safes and cabinets!

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