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Could your own tools be used to burgle you?

Tools, garden equipment and even furniture can all help opportunistic thieves

Many burglars will not carry tools that could be used to break into your home. The main reason for this is that possession of burglary tools is a criminal charge in itself, even if you don’t actually steal anything. Plus, they can be heavy and cumbersome to carry and could arouse suspicion.

It’s much easier to use tools that YOU leave handily available around your property. One of the things that would-be intruders will actively look out for are items that could be useful to them. This could be obvious things like ladders and crowbars but could also include common items like heavy garden ornaments (that could be used to break windows) garden furniture (used to climb on) or gardening equipment such as trowels or spades (to force windows open). Garden canes could even be used to hook keys through letterboxes.

Seeing these types of items on your property can not only make it easier to break into your home, it can actually make your home a more attractive target than other homes.

Obviously the solution is not to leave these kinds of items lying around your garden but you should also pay attention to sheds and garages as well. Keep tools and equipment out of sight in out-buildings such as these and make sure they’re locked. Old up and over garage doors can often be a weak point and we’ve even seen thieves bend the corners of the metal doors up to gain entry. Adding dead bolts that extend into the side walls of the garage as well as the main locking system is a good idea. Anti-snap locks on doors will make them more secure.

Also cover up any windows into the garage or shed so you can’t see any equipment that may be inside (this is particularly important if you have valuable items such as bikes in there).

Make sure any heavy ornaments or planters are so heavy they can’t easily be lifted and keep furniture away from windows if you can. If you have space, consider putting furniture away into garages for the winter (which will help keep them in good condition as well).

Trust us when we say that while a burglary is devastating, there’s nothing so gutting as knowing you provided the means for them to do it.

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