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Why You Should Have a Safe in Your Business

When you own or manage a business, you bear a huge responsibility not only towards the operations of the business but its safety as well.

After all, ensuring the safety and security of the business and its assets is one of the top things to prioritize, if you want your business to grow efficiently.

Every business has some kind of valuables and important documents that it needs to secure, which, if fallen in the wrong hands could jeopardize the business.

Commercial burglaries are a very real threat and these criminals are mostly after cash and other valuables that the business owns. Some might even be after confidential information to sell further for money.

What must you do then? Where can you keep all these important items secure and away from the hands of such crooks?

The answer is simple. Every business must invest in a business safe for protecting all valuable items from unauthorized access.


Business safes, also called commercial safes, are secure boxes that can be used to lock up valuable items that the business owns. They ensure that the contents remain protected from threats such as theft, fire, floods, and other disasters.

Safes are used in homes as well as businesses since both have valuable items to protect and are susceptible to the threats mentioned above.

Both residential and commercial safes are made for the same purpose and provide the same kind of benefits, however, there is a huge difference in the type of safes used for each. The best home safe might not be the perfect choice for a business office and vice versa.

There are so many different kinds of businesses operating all over the world, each with a different set of security needs and requirements. For this reason, business safes come in a range of sizes and formats to accommodate all of them.

A fire-resistant safe might be a perfect choice for many businesses including schools, solicitors, and hospitals where they keep a lot of important files and records. A deposit safe might be a popular choice for shopkeepers and retailers, whereas a data safe might be perfect for an office.

Another important thing to note here is that while both home and business safes come with a variety of locking mechanisms such as the traditional keys and digital locks, it must be noted that keys might not be appropriate for businesses where several employees require access to the safe. In which case, a digital keypad with access codes would be more befitting.


Business safes provide an extra level of security for valuables, and coupled with other commercial security solutions such as burglar alarms and CCTV monitoring, they work well in deterring burglars.

Here’s why every business owner must invest in a business safe:

  • Burglary protection

Businesses have always been a lucrative target for burglars with the threat to business owners increasing every day.

The only thing deterring burglars from commercial burglaries is the preventive security measures taken by the business, one of which is the use of business safes to protect their valuable, burglary-prone assets.

Business safes, such as the ones installed inside a wall, can be concealed and hidden away very easily behind wall paintings or a sliding panel, making it difficult for burglars to locate them.

Even if they somehow manage to find their location, opening safes without the key, code, or biometrics can be quite challenging, requiring professional expertise and training.

  • Fire protection

Fires can erupt anywhere, especially when you are not careful about the preventive measures taken.

Paper is usually the first and easiest thing to burn during a fire, and as we all know, money is made of paper, and so are all of the important documents of a business.

To protect all these valuable business items, it is an absolute necessity for business owners to invest in a sturdy, fire-resistant safe.

Every safe comes with a fire rating that determines the level of protection it provides. Not a single safe out there is 100% fire-proof and only provide different levels of resistance, which is why investing in a commercial fire alarm is a good idea for added safety and protection.

  • Restricted access

The strong locking mechanism on safes provide a great way to allow access only to the authorized persons.

In addition to keeping your valuables secured from burglars, business safes also protect against internal theft, also known as employee theft.

According to statistics, there were reports of 9,835 employee theft cases in the UK last year.

The keys or security codes for the business safe must be shared with authorized and responsible employees only. The location of the safe must also be kept a secret, shared only with a few people who are required to know.

  • Lower insurance premiums

The more security measures your business implements, the lower your insurance premiums can be.

Installing business safes help reduce the risk of the contents being stolen, which in turn reduces the need for a high-value claim.

What must be noted here is that just having a business safe doesn’t suffice. It has to be an effective deterrent in the sense that it must be state-of-the-art and of top quality, keeping the contents in it safe from all threats.

For added benefit, consider installing other security systems such as burglar alarms, fire alarms, and CCTV monitoring. They will not just deter crimes but will also give your employees a sense of protection and importance.

  • Peace of mind

Constantly worrying about the safety of your valuables can be stressful and it can affect your productivity at work.

Knowing that all your important files, documents, and valuables are secured in a safe helps you sleep better.

The reinforced security, and protection against theft, fires, and other natural disasters make business safes a smart investment, definitely worth giving a thought to if you haven’t already.


Most types of home safes such as wall safes, floor safes, free-standing safes, and diversion safes can also be used by businesses.

However, there are a few made specifically for businesses due to the higher level of security required by them. For instance, they have large volumes of cash and important documents, much more than a homeowner would possess, along with a lot of foot traffic to deal with daily.

Here are the different types of business safes that can be used by different businesses, depending on the level and nature of protection they require:

  • Office safes

Offices deal with a lot of paperwork and have a lot of important documents to protect. Even the smallest fire or water leakage could put valuable information at risk.

Office safes are a good choice since these are fire and flood-resistant, offering protection from both kinds of threats.

These are more commonly found in offices and are stronger and more secure than a home safe.

Most models are fitted with electronic locks, ensuring restricted access, and can be stand-alone or installed in between walls.

  • Deposit safes

Deposit safes also called drop safes, are made in a way that allows the user to make a deposit without even opening the safe door.

It is done by opening a small hatch on the top, or the front of the safe, keeping the safe locked at all times with the contents being out of reach once inside the safe.

They are usually found in businesses such as banks and postal offices, where deposits are made at regular intervals. It is not feasible to open the safe door every time a deposit is made since it would mean putting the contents at risk.

Deposit safes are also used to temporarily store items until they can be transferred to a bigger, more secure safe.

  • Data safes

Important data is mostly digitized these days since it’s easier to store and manage.

Instead of securing thousands of pieces of paper, business owners now have the responsibility to keep USB’s, hard drives, and other forms of electronic data safe.

Data safes, made specifically for this purpose, are fire-resistant and have thicker insulation that protects the contents from extreme temperatures, magnetic fields, fire, smoke, and dust.

They are usually smaller in size and the fire rating on these safes is higher as compared to other safes.

  • Hotel safes

Hotel safes are, as the name suggests, installed in hotels and provided to guests staying over.

They are used to store valuables that the guests bring along with them to ensure they are kept safe. These include personal items, cash, and travel and business documents.

To be honest, they do not offer the best protection, but it’s better than having nothing at all.

They come with a master key or code that the hotel owners/managers use to gain access in case the guests lose their keys or forget their access code. Some models also automatically lockout if too many wrong attempts are made to open them.

  • Vault

A vault, also known as a strong room, is different from a conventional safe in that it’s not just a secure box installed in a room. Instead, it is the entire room.

Secure vaults are usually found in banks, museums, and hotels, and are closely guarded by heavy doors with complex mechanisms, making sure no unauthorized access is made.


Smart safes are a high-tech secure device that helps businesses with their cash security and management process. It uses advanced intelligence to automatically accept, validate, track, record, and store cash.

They’re called smart due to their ability to connect to the internet and other cash management technologies to provide real-time visibility of its contents.

All kinds of businesses can greatly benefit from the use of smart safes. They are especially gaining popularity with retailers since they minimize the risk of counter theft and help detect counterfeit notes.

A few top benefits of smart safes include:

  • Cash protection

The smart safe is a sturdy, steel chest that is monitored and a lot more secure than the traditional floor safe. It comes equipped with an advanced locking mechanism and can be integrated with the commercial alarm system for added security.

  • Cash tracking

All smart safes have a user interface that requires a username and password to access it. This helps keep track of all transactions made along with increased accountability and is a great feature for minimizing internal/employee theft.

  • Counterfeit note detection

Even though employees must be trained to detect counterfeit notes, this feature come in handy in saving a lot of time. All notes are checked and the suspicious ones are rejected by the note validator.

  • Connectivity

The ability to connect to the internet or a cloud-based system offers uninterrupted connectivity and real-time visibility. You can monitor everything at all times and the system can be connected to the business headquarters or other cash management systems.

  • Reporting

Reports can be generated for every transaction made and can also be broken down by type, date, cashier, shift, etc.


Now that you know all about the different types of business safes, it’s time to choose the right one for your business.

Making the decision is based on a variety of factors that include:

  • Planned usage

Business safes are mostly made for a specific use. Therefore, before investing in one, you must know what you need the safe for. Do you want it in your office for storing legal paperwork or are you a hotel owner looking for a safe for your guests? These questions will help you decide which type of business safe to opt for.

  • Size and weight

Business safes come in a variety of sizes and weights with smaller ones being very lightweight and portable, and the bigger ones almost impossible to lift or move. Some business owners prefer heavy, fixed safes that can’t be moved by burglars or any unauthorized person, while others prefer lightweight stand-alone safes that they can carry with them if need be. The size of the safe depends entirely on the contents and how many and big they are.

  • Type and level of protection

Some businesses only require protection from burglary while others require protection from all kinds of threats such as fire, flood, earthquakes, etc. There are ratings associated with every safe that determine the level of resistance it has. This is a huge deciding factor for the type of safe your business needs and the level of protection required.

  • Budget

The features of a safe determine its price and how expensive it will be, and your business’s budget will determine how much you can spend on it. The money spent must be considered as an investment instead of a cost because of all the benefits business safes provide.


It is always recommended to have your business safe installed by a professional security company to ensure that it is safe to use, that the floor can bear the weight sufficiently, and that it’s not in danger of falling or damaging anything.

We are members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA) and are familiar with a wide range of safes, cash boxes, and strong boxes. Our SSAIB contractors can help you assess your business’s needs and recommend a suitable safe perfect for your requirements.

We also offer business safe opening services since misplacing the keys, forgetting the code or failure of the safe itself can all lead to the contents of the safe being inaccessible.

By design, of course, safes are very difficult to access in these circumstances and you need a professional safe engineer. Our Calder specialists can open most safes and can restore them to full working order afterwards.

Commercial safes are deliberately designed not to be moved for added security so what do you do when you need to move one to a different room, a new location, or remove it completely? Because of their size and weight, we would strongly advise you not to try and move it yourself. We are experienced safe engineers and can offer you this service. You can count on us for your business safe removal and relocation services.

As good as any security safe is, they can develop faults and even break – especially if they haven’t been serviced annually, as is recommended. Our repair and maintenance services will ensure that your business safes are always in optimal health providing you with the best security.

Contact us now to get a quick quote on our comprehensive business safe services.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay