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Business Safe Opening

A safe that you can’t open is not ideal, especially if there are items inside it. We can open most safes that are jammed shut, whether through failure of the safe or loss of key or code.

Business safe opening, Yorkshire

A safe that you cannot open is a little TOO secure and whether you need to access the items inside or want to be able to store items securely, you are going to need professional help to get into it. We have a range of methods for getting into your safe and in many cases we can either do that without causing damage or restore it to full working order afterwards. The best way for us to assess whether yours can be opened and what the cost would be is to send us a photo of the safe and explain the issue. You can send this to

Why trust Calder Security for business safe opening?

  • Trusted security experts - we will always check ownership before opening any safe
  • Members of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA)
  • All safe opening conducted by professional locksmith and safe engineers
  • Familiar with a wide range of safes and locking mechanisms
  • Can open safes not supplied or installed by ourselves
What can we offer?

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