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Burglaries rise 6% in 2018 following 8 years of decline

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has just released new crime figures for the year ending March 2018 and it shows an increase in a number of crimes, including knife crime, murder and robbery. Burglary cases had previously been declining since 2010 however the latest stats show a 6% increase in the last year bringing it back up to a level on a par with 2014 figures at 437,537 domestic burglaries in the year (compared to 443,212 in 2013/14 and 411,966 in 2016/17). See the full ONS report here.

In a different study by Swinton Insurance, as part of their Safer Summer campaign, Manchester was revealed as the city where residents are most likely to fall victim to burglary with Leeds and Middlesbrough following closely behind. These figures are based on the number of burglaries in relation to the population living in those areas. Surprisingly, London did not make it into the top 10 due to its large population. See the news article here.

We would therefore urge people to take their home security seriously, especially as burglaries usually tend to increase over the summer anyway with people leaving doors and windows open more and being away on holiday.

We have shared our tips for summer security on our blog a number of times: you can see our most recent advice here.

We also ran a series of summer security tips back in 2015 via Twitter and Facebook and as all the advice given back then is still as valid today, we will be rebooting those hacks this year during August so look out for the hash tag #SummerSecurity