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Summer Sunshine Summons Stealing Sneaks

Summer hot weather can make your home vulnerable to sneak-in burglars

Far be it from us to put a dampener on the cracking weather we’ve had over the last few days but we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t issue the warning we put out every summer to be extra security conscious now that the good weather is here.

That’s because summer weather provides opportunistic burglars with perfect opportunities to sneak in: open doors and windows, people distracted in the garden, music playing etc – all these things are a gift to burglars who can be in and out, undetected, in a matter of minutes. That’s all it can take to pick up a mobile phone, wallet, handbag, car keys, gadgets or jewellery and you might not even realise until hours later by which point they are well away.

Admit it, in the lovely weather we had over the weekend was there any time when you were in the garden enjoying the sunshine and the front door was unlocked? Did you have windows open even if you weren’t necessarily in the room? Did you leave the back door open while people popped in and out of the garden? Did you leave valuables hidden away or were they visible from the windows?

If you did any of that and didn’t get burgled you have got away with it this time but heed the warning because burglars are out there looking for chances like this.

Keep your home secure during the summer by following our tips:

  • Only open windows when you’re in that room
  • Make sure your front door is always locked
  • Hide valuables away from sight through windows and doors
  • Keep doors closed even when out in the garden
  • Don’t play music so loud that it would cover the sound of someone entering the house
  • Keep hedges and foliage trimmed as it grows over the summer as it could be used for cover
  • Don’t place garden furniture too close to the house where it could be used to climb on to gain access to high windows
  • Make sure you keep the garage locked. Not only could items such as bikes be stolen but your own tools and ladders could be used to break into your home. Make sure garage locks are as secure as house locks (we recommend anti-snap locks throughout)

We want you to enjoy the summer and make the most of the sunshine but nothing’s more likely to spoil it than a break in that could have been easily prevented by following some simple tips.

If you would like any further home security advice you can call us on 0800 612 9799 or why not drop into our security shop in Wakefield, just off junction 40 of the M1.