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Could a burglar be caught by his walk?

CCTV can be a great tool for capturing evidence in the event of a break in. Intruders will therefore do what they can to avoid being caught on camera or make it difficult to be identified. One such burglar attempted to do this by wearing a hat, keeping his face down and even placing his hand in front of his face but he didn’t consider that he may be identified by his unusual walk.

The burglary took place in Wakefield and 3 perpetrators were caught on CCTV but what struck police officers was the distinctive way one of them walked. West Yorkshire Police officers are therefore appealing for anyone who may recognise the man by his stature and the way that he walks.

This is the video here.

It just goes to show that CCTV could be instrumental in catching burglars, even if they don’t seem to be identifiable at first view.

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