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It’s a fair cap!: Yorkshire burglars busted by their flat caps

Distraction burglars who targeted vulnerable victims caught by their head wear

A couple of Yorkshire thieves who deliberately targeted elderly people have been caught after police issued a description of them wearing flat caps. A witness spotted 2 men in caps acting suspiciously and reported them and their vehicle details. When North Yorkshire police tracked them down they found the hats on them with DNA and other forensic evidence linking them to their crimes.

The caps made them quite distinctive and that led to their downfall. See the full story here.

They used a common distraction burglary technique where one would knock on the door and ask if he could retrieve a football from the garden and while the victim was distracted, the other would sneak in and steal their property. They deliberately targeted elderly people because of their vulnerability.

We recently posted a blog about door security for older people which looked at the physical act of opening doors when you have mobility issues but we also made some suggestions on maintaining security such as through the use of intercom systems, ID slots and signs to ward against cold callers. You can see the full blog post here.