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Why businesses need to re-think their security in summer

The different challenges that the holiday season presents

Security is an ever changing solution for any business. Technology develops, new risks present themselves and different strategies are developed for protecting your business. Seasonal factors will also require adaption to normal routines and practices and the summer period is certainly one that requires some consideration.

Hot weather, staff holidays and fluctuations in levels of business can all have an impact and should be planned for. Here is how they could affect your business and what you should do:

Hot weather could mean staff are opening windows and coming in and out of the building more often. Installing air conditioning would reduce the need for this but if that’s not an option, make sure that someone is tasked with ensuring all windows and doors are checked and secured at the end of the day. Also be vigilant through the day so that intruders cannot sneak in through open doors. Installation of an access control system could help keep track of who is coming and going.

If seasonality affects your business it could also potentially affect your security. If your business is busier over the summer months (eg if you’re in the leisure/holiday industry or located in a holiday town) then security may be overlooked due to staff being busy. Make sure you have a clear security procedure with responsibilities assigned and that it’s adhered to at all times. If you are a cash business and takings are likely to be increased, then this could potentially make you more of a target. If you can, bank cash on a regular basis to take it off site or keep it locked away in a suitable safe. Don’t ever leave money in tills overnight.

Locking up in daylight, it’s easy to overlook leaving lights on overnight. An illuminated building is less likely to be broken into so make sure some lights are left on and blinds are closed

Staff shortages over the summer can have a number of security implications, as follows:

Responsibility for security measures such as locking up could be delegated in the absence of those who normally would do it. Make sure they are fully briefed of the procedure

Fewer staff can mean covering extra work so people are busier and this can mean security can be overlooked

Temp/holiday cover staff may not be aware of security procedures

In a large organisation, having temp staff in that you don’t know can make it difficult to recognise people that are genuinely meant to be on site and therefore harder to recognise those who aren’t. Having an access control system, where temporary fobs can be issued, would help to reduce the risk

Every business is different and this is generic advice, designed to offer something for most kinds of business. If you would like advice tailored for your own business, then please give us a call on 0345 833 5543 or send us a message.