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What do you want to know about security?

Ask your questions during National Home Security Month.

October has been designated National Home Security Month (NHSM), a national campaign to promote home security and help people protect their homes against break-ins. As an official supporter of NHSM we’re involved in a number of activities, one of which is answering your questions on security throughout the month.

We are therefore inviting you to ask us your security related questions. We will be taking questions from the public as well as some of the common questions that customers often ask us. These could include things like: ‘which is better, wireless or wired burglar alarms?’, ‘what’s the most secure kind of door lock?’ or ‘is it worth paying for a monitored alarm?’; basically anything connected to home security.

There are several ways you can submit your questions:

By e-mail – send your question to

⇒ Via Facebook – post on our Facebook page

 Via Twitter – post to our Twitter feed using #askCalder

 On this post – use the comments section at the end of this post

We’ll start posting the answers in October but we’re taking questions now so you don’t need to wait.

Keep checking the website for posts relating to National Home Security Month and don’t forget to like our Facebook page to keep up with all the questions.