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Well appointed to look after your security!

As serious as we are about security, let’s start with a joke: A British Gas engineer asked me the time today so I told him it was between 7am and 7pm. OK so it’s an old one but we think it illustrates the point about how inconvenient it is waiting in for engineers with no clear idea of when they’ll get there other than a 4, 8 or even 12 hour window.

We don’t think it’s fair to be so vague to our customers so if you make an appointment for one of our engineers to come out that’s exactly what you get, an appointment; an actual specific time. We understand that it’s not always practical to be waiting in for long periods of time – it’s hard to get time off work, the kids still need to be taken to school or it may even be a property you don’t actually live in. Even for commercial customers, you can’t always be available all day – you may not be based on that site, you may need cover to look after customers or it may just not be convenient to break off from what you’re doing. With a fixed appointment time you can plan properly and minimise the disruption.

Of course sometimes things go wrong and we can’t always get there at exactly that time because of problems with traffic or other jobs over running for example. If that happens though we will always ring and explain that we might be a little late because that’s the courteous thing to do. A service provider can be judged not by what problems occur but by how they resolve them. Certain things can’t be avoided but we’ll do our best to deal with them to your satisfaction wherever possible.

A company that gives you a lengthy time slot is basically saying that their time is more important than yours. We don’t subscribe to that way of thinking so not only do we give you appointment times, we also work efficiently while we’re there and keep a range of parts on the vans so that any issues can be resolved quickly and within one visit. This cuts down on time and saves you money.

So, if you want to deal with a company who thinks that your time IS important why not let us look after you.