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That was the [National Home Security] Month that was

A run-down of our activities for National Home Security Month 2015

National Home Security Month has been running throughout October. Lots of organisations in the security industry have been involved and you may well have seen a number of references to it in the national media. As an official supporter of the campaign we’ve been pretty busy ourselves with blog posts, Q&As, guest blogs and fundraising.

Here’s what we did:

Themed blog articles

security blogEach week of the month had a theme, set by the national team. We created our own articles for each of these themes which included the following:

Hints & Tips: General, easy to follow advice about home security

Lock it Up: Looking at locks as well as good ‘locking-up practice’

Keep it Protected: Protecting your valuables in the home

The Great Outdoors: Securing gardens, sheds and out-buildings

Smart Security: Looking at smart security technology

Guest blogged

National Home Security MonthOur article on the Great Outdoors was featured as a guest blog on the national campaign site. You can see it here.

Answered your security questions

Ask a questionThanks to everyone who has submitted a home security question. We’ve answered these, along with some other common questions that we get asked, and these have been posted periodically over the month on our Facebook page. These have included questions such as:

“Is there any way to make a garden safer than just a standard padlock?”

“Can smart home security cameras work with overseas cell phones?”

“Do you feel that a Patlock is useful on patio (or French) doors?”

“I have a cat. Will it set off the burglar alarm when I go out?”

You can see all the questions and answers here.

Donated to Victim Support

Victim SupportWe pledged to donate money to Victim Support for every home installation and service that we did during October. The final figure donated was £600.

Lucy Hastings, Director of Engagement at Victim Support said:

“We are very grateful for Calder Security’s generous offer to donate to Victim Support during National Home Security Month.  The funds will help our specially trained staff and volunteers provide information, emotional support and practical help for anyone affected by crime, including victims of burglary.”

Featured in the local press

Our activities caught the attention of our local newspaper, the Wakefield Express. They featured an article about our fundraising for Victim Support on 7th October.

Calder Security raising money for Victim Support



So, that’s it all done for another year. The purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness of home security issues and demonstrate how you can protect your home and your property. We hope that you have learned something and that you feel a bit more confident about home security. You can see everything that we’ve posted as part of the campaign here.

Of course, this process does not stop here. We will continue to use our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed to share tips and advice and you can also ring us on 0345 833 5543 if you have any specific questions.