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Sting op to catch summer burglars!

Police in Sheffield are taking a new approach to catching burglars this summer – by setting traps to catch them in the act. Teaming up with landlords and housing providers, they’re setting up sting operations by installing state of the art covert security equipment in empty properties and tempting burglars in by leaving valuables out on sight and leaving the property insecure.

Student properties, that are usually unoccupied during the summer months, are particularly vulnerable so this type of accommodation is a key focus of the initiative.

DCI Wilson of South Yorkshire Police spoke of the operation “We want to send out a clear message to burglars that we are taking a no-nonsense approach and that if you break into a property, you run the risk of it being one of our traps and that we are going to catch you.”

Burglars could therefore be getting a lot more than they bargained for this summer! See the full details here.