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Shed Burglaries: An Update

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Just a few days after we posted our article about shed security, two related stories have caught our attention. The first is a report that almost 6500 sheds have been targeted just in Cambridgeshire in the last 4 years. The second is a good example of the kind of loss a break in can incur that goes beyond any material value: 15 birds were killed in allotment sheds during a break in in Wakefield.

The number of shed burglaries has been growing year on year in Cambridgeshire and now the total has reached 6,450 in 4 years the local police force is taking measures to try and reduce the level of ‘shed crime’. This includes a campaign called Operation Oakland which involves police officers being out in the community conducting security checks and advising people on improving their security. See the story here.

A little closer to home, the other break-in took place on an allotment in Eastmoor, Wakefield. During the incident a total of 15 birds kept in the sheds were killed. This includes a turkey, chickens and quails. It’s not clear what the motive was for the attack. As you would imagine, the owners of the birds are very upset. Read the story here.

Preventable Burglary

Both stories are not only lessons in what could happen, but also largely avoidable. With the level of burglaries taking place in one area for such a sustained period, you would think that the residents of Cambridgeshire would have taken better precautions and that the police force would not have waited so long before taking action.

Allotments represent a slightly different set of issues to contend with than a garden shed. By their nature, allotment sheds are remote from homes and they are generally easy to break into if unsecured. It’s because of this vulnerability that extra precautions are required at allotments, especially if they house any kind of animal. Good locks are essential and a wireless alarm could be prudent if you have anything you want to protect inside.

Don’t become one of the statistics. Secure your sheds, garages and out-buildings using our shed security tips or give us a call on 0800 612 9799 (from a landline) or 0345 833 5543 (from a mobile).