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Reduce the Risk from Opportunistic Burglars

Downloadable door signs to help keep unwanted visitors away

We have posted many times before about the number of break ins that are classed as ‘insecure burglaries’ – incidents where burglars have gained entry via an unlocked door or window. This accounts for around 30% of reported break ins so it’s a significant proportion.

Also known as a ‘sneak in’ burglary, the worst thing about them is that they are wholly avoidable – simply by being vigilant about keeping doors and windows locked. We do realise that this is an easy thing to say but perhaps not as simple to implement, especially when several people live at the property.

It really is a case of getting into the habit of locking up behind you when you come and go. This applies even when there is someone in the house as this tends not to be a barrier for them (they can be in and out within a few minutes and you probably wouldn’t even notice). Often all it takes is a visual reminder to prompt you to lock up. We have therefore created these ‘Have you locked the door?’ signs that you can place on the inside of your doors to remind people to do just that. Simply download the sheet, cut out the sign (provided in 2 sizes to suit different doors) and affix to the door. They say it takes around 2 months to form a habit so this little visual reminder may be what you need to get yourself into the routine of keeping the door locked (perfect if you start now as we tend to be a lot more complacent about locking doors in the warmer weather).

Have you locked the door downloadable sign

Deter cold callers and would-be intruders

One of the tricks that opportunist burglars use to see whether your door is unlocked is to pose as a cold caller selling/canvassing/collecting for charity etc. They will often try the door to see if their luck is in. Deterring people from coming to the door at all is one way to lower the risk of this (and will reduce interruption from genuine cold callers into the bargain!). They suddenly have no plausible excuse to be at your door at all plus, because you’ve effectively got rid of the genuine ones, they would be much more conspicuous.

We have therefore included a ‘No Cold Callers’ sign on the same sheet that you can cut out and display on the outside of the door. If you have a window in your door we suggest that you stick it on the inside, facing out so that it can’t be removed and wouldn’t be affected by the weather. If you don’t have a window you may need to laminate the sign and affix more securely.

This should hopefully deter the majority of cold callers, and with them the would-be intruders looking for their next victim.

The ‘Have you locked the door?’ and ‘No cold callers’ signs are provided on a single sheet that is free to download here (or by clicking the image below) – please use with our compliments. You can also pick up a free copy from our security shop in Wakefield.

Home security downloadable door signs