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National Home Security Month draws to a close once again

A month of home security memes and infographics

The latest National Home Security Month has once again drawn to a close. This year, instead of blog posts offering home security tips and advice, we created a series of infographics and memes loosely following the 5 weekly themes of the national campaign.

These are all reproduced here. Do feel free to share them on social media to get the messages out there.

Week 1 – Raise the Alarm

The campaign started with a focus on burglar alarms so our graphic is a comparison of the features of wired and wireless burglar alarms (based on this being a question we get asked the most – which is best?).

Wired v wireless alarm infographic

Week 2 – Setting the Standard

Week 2 was all about locks so we created a simple meme to get across the value of installing anti-snap locks.

Burglars favourite card game

Week 3 – Lights, Cameras, Action!

This week it was outdoor security so our graphic offers tips for securing your sheds, garages and out-buildings, which can often be seen as low risk, high reward targets for burglars.

Out-building security #NHSM18

Week 4 – Future Focussed

Looking at how technology is changing home security, we created an overview of some of the different ways you can open a door ranging from a simple key lock to biometric access control systems.

How to open a door

Week 5 – Dark Knights Descend

The campaign ended on a spooky note to coincide with Halloween – traditionally one of the highest risk dates on the calendar for burglary. Our final infographic shows you how to make your house look too scary for burglars to even attempt a break in!

Make your house scary for burglars

We hope that you enjoyed this slightly different approach to National Home Security Month and that you learned something useful. Remember that home security is something you need to take seriously all year round. Keep checking the website and social media profiles for security advice throughout the year and if there’s anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 612 9799 or send us a message.