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‘Lock Up or Lose Out’

Anti-Burglary Campaign from West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police has launched its new spring anti-burglary campaign, urging residents to ‘lock up or lose out’. The campaign has been titled ‘It only takes a minute’ in reflection of the simple preventative measures you can take to make your property more secure; things like always locking your door, moving valuables from view and setting the burglar alarm if you have one.

These sound like very basic and obvious things but we know from our own experience how people can be extremely lax and fail to secure their homes sufficiently – often until something happens such as a break in. That’s often when we get called in when actually it makes a lot more sense to be proactive and take steps to prevent these kinds of incidents rather than being reactive and adding the cost of a break in to an investment in security  (something about closing stable doors and horses….).

There is more information about the ‘It only takes a minute’ campaign on the West Yorkshire Police website including tips and advice for protecting your home. If you are interested in having a burglar alarm installed or it’s been over a year since yours was last serviced then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.