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How To Maximise Home Security and Deter Burglars

Guest Blog from Gen Hulley, Value Doors UK

In February 2011 there were 2946 home burglaries reported in Yorkshire. The last report from February 2016 shows that the burglary crime has dropped, but it is still in the 2000s. This still isn’t good enough. We need to maximise our home security the best we can, to protect ourselves and our family from uninvited guests.Here is some information on how you can do that:

  • Burglars intrude into your home via a window or a door, always make sure that all of your doors and windows are locked, before leaving the house/going to bed. However to maximise security, visible window and door locks would more likely deter burglars away from your property.
  • A home burglar alarm offers you and your family an extra line of defence against unwanted visitors, always make sure that the alarm is set, at bedtime and when you leave the property, even if it is just for a quick visit to the shops. A home burglar alarm combined with CCTV, would build your defence even higher, a home CCTV system does not cost as much as you think, it also would lower your insurance premiums and would be cheaper than the cost of a break in! Again making the CCTV visible will reduce the risk of your property getting burgled.
  • Keep your valuables out of sight, leaving your valuables in clear view of passersby will increase the risk of burglary to your property by a substantial amount! Opportunists thrive by this sort of thing, if you want to heighten your security, you could consider installing a safe, this can also protect your valuables from fire and flood, not just from the burglars!
  • Motion activated lights illuminate shadowed parts if your property when a visitor arrives, having these switched on will help towards keeping your home an unwanted guest free property!
  • A high door security is also a great defence line, composite doors are a good place to start – they are weighted to match the weight of a wooden door, and will not warp, twist or bow in reaction to seasonal changes. You might also want to think about the glass design you have on your door, more privacy will also help keep unwanted guests out, how about trying frosted rather than clear glass, there are many designs to chose from out there, the more privacy you have the less likely you are to being a victim of a crime!

Author Bio

Gen Hulley is the editor of the Value Doors blog. Value Doors has been supplying and installing affordable, high-quality and virtually maintenance-free external doors to customers across the UK for almost a decade. From the feedback from our customers we know that one of the most important reasons people buy new doors is to stay safe, each of our doors are manufactured in the UK to strict industry standard, either by us or one of our trusted brand partners, and they come with toughened or laminated safety glass and multi-point locking for your peace of mind. We have an array of different door styles and glass types so you can be sure to find the right door, perfect for you! Please see our website or call us on 0800 9550898 for further information.