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Gunpowder, Treason and… Burglary?

Burglaries increase by 22% on Bonfire Night.

Today there will be lots of information and advice out there regarding staying safe on Bonfire Night. This advice is, of course, necessary because of the nature of bonfires and fireworks but it’s not just people that need protecting, it’s property as well.

You are statistically more likely to be burgled on Bonfire Night than any other night of the year!

Burglaries increase by a whopping 22% on 5th November so as well as following bonfire safety advice, you need to follow bonfire security advice as well:

  • If you are going out to a bonfire ensure that all doors and windows are fully secured and, if you have a burglar alarm, make sure you set it
  • It would be a good idea to leave some lights on and a TV or radio
  • If you are going out to the garden to watch some fireworks, make sure doors and windows are locked even though you are still at home – it would be easy for someone to sneak in while you are distracted
  • If it would be possible to sneak into the garden and house, because you are gathered in another area of the garden for example, lock or block access to the garden if you can or keep going back to the house to check

This is all pretty simple, obvious stuff but the annual spike in burglaries at this time would indicate that people are not following this advice. Don’t be one of them!