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Dear burglar, I’m out

What messages are you giving would-be burglars?

Nobody would knowingly inform a burglar that their property was fair game for a break in but, unfortunately, some are very good at reading signals and behaviour that let them know when is a good time to attempt a burglary and whether it’s worth their while doing it – and you are unwittingly giving them the information.

Some of the things we do are more obviously a bad idea – leaving valuables out on display for example – but many are much more subtle and most of us would never suspect that we’re compromising the security of our homes through simple habits and behaviours. Burglars know what signs to look out for, whether they’re opportunists or actively watching your street, so be mindful of your patterns of behaviour and keep them guessing!

These are just some of the ‘tells’ that would-be intruders are looking out for:

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Many of these things are simple enough to avoid, if you are aware of the risk of doing them in the first place. It’s always a good idea to question your typical behaviour around your property and what it might be telling people.

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