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Beware ‘Facecrooks’ crashing your parties

Burglars target house parties publicised on social media

Police are warning people not to openly advertise house parties on social media after burglars have started seeking them out and gatecrashing in order to steal items or rob guests. Dubbed ‘Facecrooks’, they particularly look for teenagers who may be throwing parties when parents are away on holiday. See the story here.

We have spoken on the blog before about the dangers of sharing too much on social media and letting people know when you’re away, well this can be just as risky – if not more so. Posting open invitations to parties on social media often leads to large numbers of people turning up, many of whom the host won’t know. This offers burglars the perfect cover to mingle in and help themselves to whatever they want among all the chaos.

The advice is to make sure that young people understand the dangers of putting out information about these parties which can not only lead to theft but damage as well (and we don’t think the neighbours would be too impressed either!).