31 Christmas Security Tips


Home security tip every day during December

During December we’ve shared a home security tip every day to help you get through the festive season securely. Now that December is over, we’ve compiled them all here.

Obviously Christmas is peak burglary time but don’t be complacent now that it’s over; there are still plenty of new gadgets and gifts hanging around that burglars are interested in so keep up with your security routines and habits.

We hope that you picked up a few things during the course of these tips that helped you out – let us know your favourites over on the Facebook page. Keep checking the blog and our social media for more advice and information as always.

Happy New Year!

You’re most at risk of burglary in the late afternoon; after dark but before you’re home from work. Always set your burglar alarm when you’re at work or out for the day
#XmasSecurityTip 1
XmasSecurityTip 2Putting your outdoor decorations up? Don’t leave windows ajar to run cables through, it will compromise your security
#XmasSecurityTip 2
#XmasSecurityTip3Gifts need to be hidden from thieves as well as recipients! New items are desirable as they can be sold on or returned
#XmasSecurityTip 3
#XmasSecurityTip 4CCTV is a useful security measure as a deterrent to burglars. Plus, you might even catch a glimpse of Santa delivering your presents!
#XmasSecurityTip 4
#XmasSecurityTip 55th December is 1 of 5 dates you’re more likely to be burgled. Make sure you lock your doors at all times
#XmasSecurityTip 5
#XmasSecurityTip 66th December is 1 of 5 dates you’re more likely to be burgled. Don’t put presents under the tree if visible through the window
#XmasSecurityTip 6
#XmasSecurityTip 7Install timers for your lights so you can turn them on as soon as it gets dark if you’re not home
#XmasSecurityTip 7
#XmasSecurityTip 8Away from home? Some CCTV and alarm systems can be connected to your phone so you can check in when you’re out and about
#XmasSecurityTip 8
#XmasSecurityTip 9Don’t leave Christmas purchases on view in the car. Opportunists may take them from there or come back to the house later
#XmasSecurityTip 9
#XmasSecurityTip 10We all like to show the tree off through the window at night but you could also be showing a burglar what you have. Keep curtains closed or move your valuables
#XmasSecurityTip 10
#XmasSecurityTip 1111th December is 1 of 5 dates you’re more likely to be burgled. Keep smaller gifts and cash in a safe for extra security
#XmasSecurityTip 11
#XmasSecurityTip 12Drawn cash out early for gifts? Don’t keep it lying around the house. Either leave it in the bank or put it in a safe
#XmasSecurityTip 12
#XmasSecurityTip 13Dark nights offer great cover for burglars. Security lighting means they have nowhere to hide
#XmasSecurityTip 13
#XmasSecurityTipOut late night shopping? Try to get home and turn lights on rather than going straight from work, or use timers, so it looks occupied
#XmasSecurityTip 14
#XmasSecurityTip 15Having a drink over Christmas? A tipple can make you less security conscious so lock up before you drink up!
#XmasSecurityTip 15
#XmasSecurityTipChristmas night out? Don’t advertise you’re your home is unoccupied by checking in on social media
#XmasSecurityTip 16
#XmasSecurityTip 1717th December is 1 of 5 dates you’re more likely to be burgled. If you’re shopping, don’t post about the amount of money you’re spending on social media. Burglars may come looking for your gifts
#XmasSecurityTip 17
#XmasSecurityTip 1818th December is 1 of 5 dates you’re more likely to be burgled. Don’t hide your gifts in obvious places. Under the bed and in the wardrobe are the first places a burglar will look!
#XmasSecurityTip 18
#XmasSecurityTip 19Carol singers at the door? Make sure other doors are locked before answering the door as someone could sneak in while you’re distracted
#XmasSecurityTip 19
#XmasSecurityTip 20Using a ‘safe place’ for parcel deliveries while out? How safe is it really in a garden/outhouse? Better to re-deliver
#XmasSecurityTip 20
#XmasSecurityTip 21Remember to set your alarm at night. Don’t worry about Santa setting it off, all burglar alarms have special Santa sensors!
#XmasSecurityTip 21
#XmasSecurityTip 22It might be Mad Friday but don’t make it so mad you forget to lock the door behind you when you come home
#XmasSecurityTip 22
#XmasSecurityTip 23Don’t advertise your Christmas party on social media. Unwanted guests could gatecrash to burgle your home
#XmasSecurityTip 23
#XmasSecurityTip 24Santa will be putting all the presents under the tree tonight but make sure a burglar doesn’t get to them first. Double check your locks and set your burglar alarm
#XmasSecurityTip 24
#XmasSecurityTip 25Happy Christmas! Have a great day but if you go out, move all expensive presents out of view as many burglars don’t take the day off!
#XmasSecurityTip 25
#XmasSecurityTip 26Be careful how you dispose of packaging of expensive items. Burglars are not beneath scavenging your bins to see what you’ve got
#XmasSecurityTip 26
#XmasSecurityTip 27You may be pleased with your Christmas presents but don’t boast about them on social media; it could make you a target
#XmasSecurityTip 27
#XmasSecurityTip 28Received cash for Christmas? Pay it into the bank as soon as you can or at least keep it in a safe.
#XmasSecurityTip 28
#XmasSecurityTip 29A tipple or two and a belly full of turkey sandwiches and mince pies can make you sleepy so lock up for the night before you start on the sherry (and doze on the sofa)!
#XmasSecurityTip 29
#XmasSecurityTip 30Partner/son/daughter out late at parties? Make sure they take a key – don’t leave the door unlocked for them
#XmasSecurityTip 30
#XmasSecurityTip 31Heading out for a NYE party? Leave lights on to make your house look occupied
#XmasSecurityTip 31

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